• Parents' Take

    My child has been in the school since playgroup days. I think the school is the best institution for my child! Excellent school, strong leadership, good class sizes, and excellent academic base. Child progress is amazing, teaching staff is very good @ nurturing and developing children's academic skills as well as other curriculum. Management staff is very cooperative and supportive... looks after every child... fully satisfied with this School... happy to be a part of GDS - Harni.

    Bhaumik and Ashka Shah (Parents of Virna Shah – Grade II)

    Global Discovery School – Harni has proved to be the best destination for my kids' future. Education plays an important role, but its surroundings, too, are important. GDS – Harni has that environment. The school has proved this by the collective efforts of the STAFF who are always supportive and are present whenever we them. TEACHERS are qualified and are always enthusiastic. MANAGEMENT is innovative and always strives for the best upbringing of the students - tomorrow's future.

    Arwa Rangoonwala (Mother of Zarah – Grade VI & Mansoor Rangoonwala – Grade I)

    After an association of 3 years with the school, I can proudly say that true to their motto, the management and the teachers alike had left no stone unturned to fulfill their vision and mission. The children have been given ample opportunities to explore all the areas of development through their curriculum which brings out the best in them. The atmosphere of the school has always been warm, welcoming, encouraging, and child friendly. Each child has been known, encouraged, self-motivated, and self -disciplined. Their way of providing feedback to the parents on a daily basis through photographs of all the activities is a unique one to communicate with the parents. I wish GDS – Harni to keep up the good work and I truly appreciate the efforts.

    Lt. Colonel Amit P. Shukla (Father of Sohum Shukla – Grade VII)

    We have two daughters in Global Discovery School – Harni. GDS – Harni is the place after home where both our princesses spend their maximum time and learn new things which help them grow mentally, physically, emotionally, and as human beings to excel in many aspects of life. The most amazing part for us at GDS – Harni are the managing trustees Ms. Jalpa Patel and Ms. Rachna Patel. They are never too busy to sit down and discuss anything that is on our minds whether a concern we have with our ward, any suggestion, an idea, or just a simple question. They genuinely listen and care. Their presence is felt throughout. Wishing the school to flourish in magnificent ways to shape the future of nation.

    Vishwas & Gita Desai (Parents of Vishwta Desai (Grade III – B) & Kanishka Desai (LKG – A))

    In 2013, we were skeptical about the development of GDS – Harni as a brand-new school. The teaching staff, the trustees, and non-teaching staff showed exemplary commitment levels and the reality was far beyond our expectations in 2015. Since then, then management and staff haven’t looked back. As a result, today we can mention with a fair degree of certainty that GDS – Harni is one of the very few leading CBSE English medium schools on eastern side of the city. Teachers attempt to give personalized attention and sports, extracurricular activities get the importance they deserve. Cleanliness, upkeep of school building, playground, and overall atmosphere in the campus are worthy. We wish everyone best luck for the upcoming year.

    Bhowmik & Krupali Desai (Parents of Rashi Desai – Grade VII & Khush Desai – Grade I)

    My son Soumyadip is now in Grade VII at GDS – Harni. He completed his earlier education till grade I in another state. We relocated to Vadodara in 2013. Being new to Vadodara, we received a reference for GDS – Harni from an acquaintance. It was important for us to choose a CBSE school that could provide the right balance of academics, sports, and extra-curricular activities. We enrolled our son in Grade II (2014) in GDS – Harni. Overall, we are happy with the school. The teachers and the staff are very caring, professional; they listen to feedback and provide valuable time for suggestions.

    Saumita Goswami (Mother of Soumyadip Goswami – Grade VII)

    While choosing the right school for our daughter, it was very important that there were quality teachers who would care for her overall development, use teaching methodology that did not focus merely on books, provide a huge playground, enable equal opportunity for all kids, and support involvement of parents. GDS – Harni had it all. We’re very glad that we chose GDS and they’ve exceeded our expectations.

    Riddhi & Kandarp Shah (Parents of Vrisha Shah – Grade II)

    First of all I want to congratulate the entire management team of GDS – Harni for making sure that our children get the best education and cultivate a sense of contentment. Amongst parents, I am proud & grateful to be a part of the GDS family. A school is second home for a child because it shapes a child’s life and destiny. GDS has been our partner in parenting and in educating our children. GDS has provided a safe and conducive environment for our children to learn and develop. The curriculum encourages independent as well as team learning experiences, allowing children to develop skills in the areas that are oriental in further education and work environments. The student-teacher ratio is just apt. Teachers personally know each student they tailor their efforts to individual students’ needs. Teachers here helped my children become more confident. Social methods of learning are very innovative and interesting. As a parent, I am glad that I choose GDS for my children. Once again, I thank you (GDS Team) all and more power to us all.

    Amar & Sneha Punjabi (Parents of Hiya Punjabi & Hriday Punjabi – UKG)