• School Events

    Annual Day:
    Represents the celebration of students’ achievements through joyous stage performances and acts.
    Annual Day
    Sports Day
    Sports Day:
    Highlights students’ athletic abilities and other co-curricular talents.
    The Science Perspective Day:
    Focuses on various competitions and programs related to Science and Technology.
    Science Perspective Day
    English Cafe
    English Cafe:
    Organised to increase awareness and skills of students in the English language.
    Math Mania:
    Enables classroom learning, enriches students’ skills with higher order thinking, and prepares students for future Maths competitions through the use of creative games and activities.
    Math Mania
    Summer Extravaganza
    Summer Extravaganza:
    Offers a structured opportunity for students (both internal and external) to grow while performing different activities during their short summer break. This is a unique opportunity for ensuring growth, boosting self-confidence, and enhancing socialising skills.
    Market Day:
    Provides a platform to students to showcase their business skills (Market Day is an extended part of Entrepreneurship Lab).
    Market Day
    Art Exhibitions
    Art Exhibitions:
    Boost students’ creative skills by focusing on various artistic and imaginative themes.