• School Timings

    Nursery – UKG:
    8:45AM – 1:00PM
    Nursery – Grade II
    Holiday on All Saturdays
    Grades I – X:
    7:30AM – 1:30PM
    Grade III – X:
    Holiday on 2nd and 4th Saturdays
  • School Uniforms

    Pre-Primary Uniform Primary Uniform House Uniform
    Pre-Primary Uniform
    Primary Uniform
    House Uniform
  • School Rules

    The following rules and regulations apply to all students:
    • I will converse in English from the time I step in the school premises; except during additional language classes.
    • I will obey my teachers/elders and always respect them.
    • I will value and respect school property as my own and handle all furniture, equipment, books, etc. with utmost care.
    • I will be sensitive to others' needs and provide help whenever/wherever possible.
    • I will not litter on school premises and regularly use garbage bins to dispose of any form of trash.
    • I will not use foul language or indulge in a physical display of emotions, loud behavior, shouting, beating, fighting, whistling, bullying, etc.
    • I will not bring any electronic gadgets such as mobile phones, electronic devices, music players, etc.
    • I will never chew gum or paan/betel nut, and never smoke inside or outside the school.
    • I will come to school in neat and clean school uniform.
    • I will keep my nails clean and trimmed, hair properly combed and neat.
    • I will avoid applying cosmetics (nail polish, lipstick, etc.) in the school.
    • Girls shall wear a black hair band/rubber band.