• Unique Schooling Model

    Feedback Central:
    Every single parent feedback/issue gets addressed in 24 hours.
    Comfort Call:
    Monthly/bi-monthly Comfort Calls to parents in order to share child's general feedback.
    Parent Teacher Meetings:
    PTMs conducted quarterly to share child's progress.
    Parent Teacher Meetings
    Electronic Updates
    Daily Electronic Updates:
    Daily write-ups and pictures shared with parents via email related to children's day at the school.
    French Language:
    Tie up with best French language institute, Alliance Française, for French as a 3rd Language.
    Activity-Based Learning:
    aHa Activities incorporate at least one activity in each subject, in all core topics, to enable a better way of learning concepts while having fun.
    aHa Activities
    Regular Class Tests:
    Students tested at the end of every chapter in all core subjects.
    Regular Worksheets:
    Students are provided with extra practice through regular worksheets in core subjects.
    Well-equipped and regularly updated.
    Healthy Student-Teacher Ratio:
    35:1 student:teacher ratio.
    Computer Lab:
    Well-equipped computer lab, with a 1:1 student:computer ratio.
    Computer Lab
    Medical Check-Ups
    Annual Medical Check-ups:
    Annual eye and dental check-ups for all students.
    Systematized Homework:
    Avoids overburdening children with too much homework in a day.
    Growth & Leadership Activities:
    Regular Fields Trips and in-person Guest Lectures with field area experts.
    Field Trips
    Regular Academic Events:
    Innovative academic events like English Cafe, Maths Mania, Renaissance, and Discovery Week.
    Clubs & Competitions
    Clubs & Competitions:
    Conducted on Fridays/Saturdays to boost learning and interaction.
    Regular Innovative Programs:
    Innovative programs like Entrepreneurship Lab, Tech Launchpad, App Inventor, and Movie Making.
    Security & Safety:
    CCTV monitoring throughout the premises.
    RO-Aquaguard water purifiers for drinking water.
    Eco-Friendly Institution:
    Educators use cloud computing and minimize dependency on paper. Same values passed onto students.
    After School Sports:
    Promote growth, athletics, and extra-curricular activities.
    Stage Presence:
    Students encouraged to showcase Stage Presence through assemblies and events to overcome stage fear.
    Audio-Visual Rooms:
    Interactively utilized by teachers to invoke all senses, reiterate concepts taught in the class, and enable learning through an alternative medium.
    Location & Infrastructure:
    Accessible to families in the community, helps embed nature into learning, and supports sports through a large playground area.